Creative ideas to make your own decorative paintings, from Yoram Yasur Yazbek

Creative ideas to make your own decorative paintings

It is not necessary to buy a super expensive artwork to give a little life to an insipid room. With your own hands, you can create paintings that will look like modern artists make them. If you already have some artistic ability, it will be even easier, just make your own decorative paintings, and for that here Yoram Yasur Yazbek, brings you some ideas that you can follow and give them a very special personalized touch.

It is easier than you think, you do not have to have great artistic qualities either, it is just a matter of getting down to work and following the techniques so, you will bring to life the artist inside you that you did not know existed. Take inspirations, personalize them, and give life to your walls.

  • Inspire yourself with nature. It is the most original and simple idea to achieve because you just must go outside to find the inspiration you want to capture and in nature, it is possible to find so many shapes and elements that can fascinate. Yoram Yasur Yazbek: You can take leaves of different sizes and shapes and leave their silhouette printed on the canvas using sprays or brush and oil; you can even do the same thing with flowers.
  • Use masking tape to create linear patterns on the canvas that can vary between symmetrical or asymmetrical. With this technique and using great colors, you can make any room a place with more light and life and look in the best style you want. These paintings, despite being simple, can be the factor that the walls needed to give them more presence. Yoram Yasur Yazbek: You just must paint your canvas with the colors and shapes you want, then use the tape to hide the colorful parts you want to see at the end and finally paint the entire canvas with a neutral color, remove the tape and enjoy your moment as a great artist.
  • If you have old paintings, very outdated and they seem to be from the grandmother’s house, you can give them a 360-degree turn by changing their appearance in a very original way that will give them a contemporary look. Paint them with the color of your taste leaving only a part of what was before, brush without fear and cover even the frame of it. It will be a mix of sophistication and a retro style.
  • Yoram Yasur Yazbek: Give visual interest to what is not painted. If you are inexperienced when painting, this technique will help you to look like a great artist. Use a figure or shape that occupies at least forty percent of the canvas and cover it, paint the rest as you want, and you will have an art piece in a composition with greater visual weight in what is not painted. Try it!
  • Sometimes less can be much more. You can create a checkered composition to decorate your wall but you must know that using too many ornaments does not imply that you get a better visual result, anyway it would work if you can create a kind of mosaic of paintings where each one is minimalist, it can be a single color, or with some figure not very complicated.

Painting can result in an easy and entertaining activity, in addition to activating your creativity to the fullest while you work. It is just a matter of trying to awaken the artist inside you and explore new alternatives.


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