Yoram Yasur Yazbek: Add a couple of red elements. it could be a couple of chairs, an artwork.

yoram yasur yourselfIf you want to create a sophisticated look, try using everything white, chairs, table, sideboards Yoram Yasur

Make a contrast with blue walls creamy white goes perfectly with blue.
Casement windows will definitely amplify your space be creative using non classic colors for your dining room.

Imagine the look of using brown in the walls and light blue on chairs?

I bet you will love it! chocolate is a great color for a dining room.
Imagine brown walls, with blue and white elements great combination! dark colors will add drama to a room.

Add a dramatic ambience to a plain white hallway.

Use a ladder shelving for extra storage space in your room.

Create an informal seating area with a morroccan leather pouffee.

Combine fine art, modern art and a retro-look glass pendant to give your room a timeless, elegant feel.

A huge rococo mirror and antique-style armchair add a dramatic ambience to a plain white hallway.


Add a great style to your kitchen!

When designing your kitchen, imagine yourself in the area, what would you
Want to have there, who will use it, put your own personality if you want to add color to your kitchen.

Using colorful appliances is a great choice we should not interrupt the area between kitchen, freezer and sink, is the most used area.

High traffic avoid obstacles in that area use a milk glass version or a jar version for your lighting, hanging from the ceiling.

Will add a great style to your kitchen, and best of all, an inexpensive idea!

Yoram Yasur

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