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Yoram Yasur: Do not be afraid of adding

yoram yasur rugYoram Yasur: Do not be afraid of adding a patterned rug to your dining room

If you want to give a casual and modern look to your dining room table, try using a banquette as a seating option.
Is great because banquettes are very long, an have plenty of space.
I love the look of different type and styles of chairs around a table.
Do not be afraid of adding a patterned rug to your dining room.

Patterns can be a little heavy sometimes, but if you look for the right colors, they will be the perfect complement.

As Yoram Yasur do not be afraid of bold colors.

A bright red will balance the eclectic display of the room.
Adding metallic design will help the room looking too flat.
Rustic kitchens are always wonderful.
Copper works well with wood, the contrast between surfaces being interesting to look at.
Antique glass cabinets add a modern touch for your library.
Art hung on bookshelves adds a unique view.
A bright red, floor to ceiling bookshelf adds color to it.
Add a stylish sink to give your kitchen a nice touch.
It will create a personality without cluttering the area.

Do not be afraid of colors, part 2.

Use unexpected wall colors to make the difference between simple and stunning.
Window treatments are great to define the room style.

Measure the window.

Extending the rod beyond both sides of the frame makes a window feel larger and allow more light to come inside the room.
Paint your walls with saturated colors, for a surprising effect, specially in a bedroom.
Paint your bedroom with a bold hue is a nice way to express. This can work great this shelves check this yoram yasur previous post about it.

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