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Yoram Yasur – Basement stairs for an extra computer space.

yoram yasur includedOrganize your books by color! Stack books vertical to maximize space – Yoram Yasur.
You can use bookshelves for storing firewood.
Use baskets and bins for organizing stuff.

Use corner shelves for small spaces, like bathrooms or  use ottomans to store photo albums, shoes, clothes, bags.

Basics are good home decorating to add visual interest

If you do not have wall space, be inventive in adapting your windows, you  can co-opt one of the doors in order to hang artwork and orient the furniture.

The cushion on a narrow storage bench picks up the pattern in the graphic throw.
Classic furniture lines and patterns, as well as decorative accents including a chandelier, will maintain a formal feel.

Basics are good home decorating to add visual interest and texture rely on a diverse collection of similarly hued colors and patterns, floral

Patterns, and an eclectic chandelier.
Add contemporary artwork so your room look modern.

Baskets are always a great way of storage

You can place them into shelves that have an open space, or in your kitchen island.

In there you can put veggies, and natural herbs, to have them at hand while you are cooking.
If your kitchen is spacious, you can choose to have a nice banquette in one of the corners.

Is a very nice spot for seating and you can make the bench to lift up for storing area! i love multifunctional furniture, they are so useful!

Add nice pillows for an impacting look! send an inbox to yoram yasur

Yoram Yasur

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