Yoram Yasur Bold prints

Yoram Yasur: Bold prints are great

Yoram Yasur Bold printsBold prints are great, do not be afraid of using them in chairs and sofas.

You can choose a wallpaper with nature theme, for example bamboo, wood, leaves, trees, flowers.
Tiles are great for decorating walls, use them from floor to ceiling.

To avoid the busy feeling of too much tiles, keep your cabinets as plain as possible.
Bold prints are great, do not be afraid of using them in chairs and sofas.

Use unexpected places like the upstairs landing, transform it into a small den.
Use large pieces to create an unexpected look.

An original way of putting photographs is to pick a wall, add moldings next to the ceiling and create a hanging photo display.

Bookshelves are great for filling a big wall

They can be very colorful and full of life.
Add colorful patterned rugs to bring life to your room.

Combine it with pillows and throws. Remember they do not have to match.
Bamboo is a great material for decoration, it adds warmth and a natural element to your room and it goes with almost everything.

Ethnic decorative elements will add personality.

Books can be displayed as artwork!

Use them stacked and upright.
Books serve as pedestals and backdrops for decorative pieces you can add a nice wallpaper in a wall to add personality to a corner.
Pick a patterned paper to add more impact.
You can use an area rug to define the area, transparent furniture and accessories will provide light.

Use a large coffee table in the middle of your family room.
It can be used for many purposes.

Add contemporary artwork so your room look modern. Inbox to yoram yasur yazbek @gmail.


Yoram Yasur

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