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Yoram Yasur: Books can be used as a very original table

yoram yasur books canYou just stack them all together and you will have a very unique side table. Yoram Yasur: the most interesting thing is to find new functions for your things.
If you want to break the monotony of a sofa, just add a pillow in a animal print.
It will create an instant contrast in your sofa.
And remember that transparent furniture can make the feeling of a bigger space.
A very nice trick!

Bright colors will add happiness to your room!

Balance whites with a bold lime color.
It will make your room look fresh.

Orange will always be an attention call shade.
It will add brightness to your living room.
Choose a nice rug in a bold color to add crisp to the area! a cottage style is great for a bedroom.

Is fresh and calm.
If you want to evoke a beach feeling, choose colors like aqua, and white, with details in yellow.
If you have a neutral look in your room, add color with accessories to create contrast.

Bright colors will make your bedroom come alive

Create your own shades with fabric flowers, to add some cheer to your decoration.
White bedding offers a visual break while colorful accent pillows and a throw match the vibrancy for your bed.

Skipping the traditional nightstand for a fabric-draped table adds feminine flair.

If you have dark furniture, white walls and beige carpeting serve as a subtle contrast.
Paneling gives the room a cottage feel.

Yoram Yasur

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