yoram yasur rejuvenate bedroom

Yoram Yasur: Sunshine and rejuvenate your bedroom

yoram yasur rejuvenate bedroomYoram Yasur – Bring in the sunshine and rejuvenate your bedroom with a touch of yellow.
Non working fireplace can be used as storage area, but in a stylish way.
For example, use a simple wood box for holding magazines.
You can also place a large plant in front of the fireplace to add a little bit of green color.

Use a basket to add life to the area.

In a small bathroom, a built-in’s cubbies and cabinet shelves provide stylish and practical storage.

A mirror covered in driftwood adds a natural element and ties the rest of the wood accents together.
Bring in the sunshine and rejuvenate your bedroom with a touch of yellow.

Bring out the best of your garden

Display different pots with your favorite plants.
Put them at eye lever so they will be appreciated better.

Use original displays, for example a rusty iron basket.
A fountain is a special detail that will add irresistible look to your garden.

Using ceramic pots will add a splash of color to your garden.
Articles used as planter, look great! foliage will bring a heavy natural mood to your garden.

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Bring the best of your home – Yoram Yasur Yazbek

Use scaled back square footage for storage options.

Take advantage of stairways, window seats and wall.

Home offices should be a nice spot in your home.

Kitchens can include small work spaces with cabinets for file boxes and printers.
Create a nice eye-catching exterior for a great home improvement, in the best update for an old home.

A front yard garden, fresh exterior color, updated hardware, or a new garage door will change the look of your home’s facade.

Build a relaxing escape in your own backyard

Create a high-end modern feel with contemporary furnishings.
Use all-weather deck material to create an elevated patio.

Consider matching the containers to the patio material for a unified look add shade with a pergola overhead.

Choose durable furniture that withstands the elements.
Use simple materials to create a warm and welcoming outdoor room.
Bright fabrics and flowers add pops of color use an ottoman to maximize comfort and usability.

Yoram Yasur

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