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Yoram Yasur: Build a relaxing escape in your own backyard

yoram yasur candlesBuild a relaxing escape in your own backyard

Yoram Yasur: Create a high-end modern feel with contemporary furnishings.
Use all-weather deck material to create an elevated patio.

Consider matching the containers to the patio material for a unified look.

Add shade with a pergola overhead.

Choose durable furniture that withstands the elements.

Use simple materials to create a warm and welcoming outdoor room.
Bright fabrics and flowers add pops of color use an ottoman to maximize comfort and usability.

Yoram Yasur Yazbek – Built in storage is perfect for displaying pictures and books

Placing a small bookshelf in a corner of your living room will give you storage without stealing attention from the rest of your decoration.

Put baskets and small items on the upper shelves and books and pictures on the lower shelves.

If you have a recessed wall, turn it into a small bookshelf.

You can display books, toys.

Use a bright color behind to add shine.
You can combine two pieces of furniture and transform it into a nice bathroom storage.

Use it for storing towels, soaps, washcloths.

Cactus are great for a dramatic decoration

They look great in a modern and minimalistic decoration.

Use a beautiful pot to enhance the beauty of the cactus.

Put your cactus near direct hot air.

Do not expose it to frigid air, it can damage the cactus.

They need a bright location with direct sun.

To enhance your cactus, cover the soil surface with gravel, gravel has a purpose.
Cactus and succulent potting soil contains lightweight wood bits.

Gravel will keep securely in place.

Candles are a great choice for decorating

If you want to create a romantic ambiance for a special occasion, think about using candles.
Last week I went to have dinner at my sisters house, and I loved how she decorated her living room and dining room.

She used a lot of candles, different shapes and heights.
The arrangement for her living room table was a group of a dozen or candles, gathered together at the center of the table.

If looked great.

Just be sure to be careful with kids.

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