yoram yasur candle

Yoram Yasur: Candles are great for adding ambience

yoram yasur candle Yoram Yasur: frame three of the same size, hang them together in a row, and you will have a nice triptych for your wall.Use framed patterned paper as nice artwork.

Candles are great for adding ambience.
You can make your own lamps, just by drilling a hole in anything, you can use ceramic vases, banister rungs, wood, baskets.
You can paint the undersides of glass shelves for a bright touch of colo.

Pillows will make the change.
Just change the pillows of your sofa and you will create a completely different look.

Carpets will add color and interest to any area

Add a bright carpet to a neutral room to create a real statement and bring the hallway to life.
Using a chic striped carpet on your stairs will draw the eye up and add interest to this area.
A light blue bench and soft furnishings will add a country style look to your hang a picture in similar tones to the colors in your scheme for an eye-catching look.

Cat purr is therapeutic!

House cats contribute to our physical well being.

A cat purrs in a range of 20-140 hertz, we can be beneficiated by these vibrations.

Purring is related to lowering stress, lowering chances of heart attack and strengthening bones.

Cat purring wakes in our brain mechanisms that calm our body, making blood pressure lowers, and making us sleep better.

Cats are very intuitive animals, they feel where our energy is not in equilibrium, and they place them in that point of our body.

With their purr they send a vibration that will help us move stuck energies.
Being exposed to frequencies of 20 to 50 hertz will increase bone  density, relieve pain in muscles and heal.
They send a therapeutic frequency with their purr.

Yoram Yasur

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