yoram yasur ceiling

Yoram Yasur: Ceilings do not have to be plain and boring!

yoram yasur ceilingYou can add creativity to it, add color, wood. Yoram Yasur Yazbek sometimes you can not decorate all at once.
Choose a beige base for your walls, prefer a sofa with bold color.

Buy inexpensive black tables, that can be relocated in other area later.

Mix and match the wood of your furniture.
It do not have to be the same color! you an use a dark wood table and light wood chairs.
Remember, it do not have to match! sofas are usually the primary focal points.

But is you have a bigger area, try putting your sofa away from the walls for more intimate ambiance.

Bamboo gives a earthy element and an asian theme to the room.

Ceilings do not have to be white!

That is an old myth in decoration.
If you want to create a sensation of a bigger space, use the same wall color on the ceiling.

It will feel like walls have continuation and the sense of a bigger space.

This works very well for small areas.

You can even use a bold color on the ceiling for a dramatic look.

Do not be afraid of trying different colors, use beautiful colors to call attention. You can use rugs in fun colors and unique patterns.

Industrial accents are everywhere and lend a vintage-urban feel to a space.

The flowing pattern is a softer alternative to hardline geometrics and often incorporates several colors.
Usually geometric in styling, tribal prints embrace angular motifs in a more traditional way.

Warm metals is a great trend.

Don’t be afraid to mix the material into a more traditionally styled room.

Wood and metal look great together.


Yoram Yasur

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