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Yoram Yasur: Change the look of your bedroom with a bedside lamp

yoram yasur bedside lampChange the look of your bedroom just by doing you own bedside lamp – Yoram Yasur

If you want to change the look of your floor, but you do not have the money to put a new one, there are some tips that you can follow.
Use a piece of vinyl to transform it into a nice rug.
Change the look of your bedroom just by doing you own bedside lamp.
Just take a nice light bulb and hang from the wall.
A very modern touch! I lover colorful elements for your patio.
Gor example, nice and colorful pots for your plants and flowers, a nice rug, a pretty bench with pillows.

Change the look of your bedroom, just like that!!

First, select a theme: sports, music, jungle, girly, sophisticated, elegant, etc decide what you will keep, and what you will get rid of.

Change color of walls and curtains.
Do not let furniture in the middle of your room.

Allow walking space.
Use artwork for decoration, for example, photos will look great in walls.

Put a colorful rug.
Use soft lighting to get a warmth tone.

Change the look of your entrance by using cloth in your door panels

Make an entrance by using classic suiting cloth to line door panels, then add a flurry of lush trimming for a neat feature.
The effect will be great! smart seating and mirrors draped in fairy lights draw the eye along the stone floor.
For a vintage look, make the door frame and console table from oak for a vintage look.
Add an antique vase to give the scheme an oriental look.

Yoram Yasur

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