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YORAM YASUR – Change the look or your front entry

yoram yasur cha cabYoram Yasur: Change the look or your front entry with a bold paper.

It will make a great impression and will seem like you did a total makeover of the area.

Save time in the morning by coordinating your wardrobe.
Sort by color, and hang like-types of clothing together- add live colors like red and yellow to your living room.

Have a young and vibrant room- use a tree branch as a unique centerpiece for your table.
If you want to create a comfortable dining room, use a banquette in your dining area, it will create a nice and relaxed look.

Change your bathroom with this great decoration tips!

Change the look of your bath using patterned wallpaper in one wall.

Green, turquoise and deep blue is a great palette.
Add a rustic wood accessories to add character white items will also add brightness to the area.

Using a mirror will help you create a bigger sense.
Use the same tile from ceiling to floor for a continuous look a creamy white will make a calming ambiance, ideal for a bathroom.

If you want to add a fun color to your bathroom, turquoise is the color!
Combine it with lemon yellow to create an energizing room.
Add patterns to the door cabinets for a modern and happy look.


Boring cabinets by replacing door inserts

Tiles are great for kitchens.
Use them behind the sink to add highlights and air.
Rough fabrics mix with modern ones, to create an elegant, casual look.
Update your cabinets by replacing new handles and pulls with original and modern designs.
Use antiques for an eclectic look.

Change your boring cabinets by replacing door inserts.
You can try using stainless steel, glass, wood, iron grillwork.

Decorate your fireplace.

Change the mantel, choose one with enough space to put pictures and decorative elements.
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Yoram Yasur

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