Yoram Yasur: creativity is the limit!

yoram yasur dramaticYoram Yasur: Creativity is the limit!
Maps are great elements for walls. Look nice in your kids room.
If you find road signs, do not throw them away.
They look great, gathered together in a wall.
You can choose a wallpaper with nature theme, for example bamboo, wood, leaves, trees, flowers.
Tiles are great for decorating walls, use them from floor to ceiling.
To avoid the busy feeling of too much tiles, keep your cabinets as plain as possible.
You can use wallpaper in just one wall of the room, and leave the other rooms plain.

Creativity is the limit.

I enjoy visiting a house that is decorated with such a good taste.
Love the creativity used to create lovely ideas with so simple things we all have at home.

For example, empty cans.
Take your empty food cans, take the top out, make several holes over the can.
Place a small candle inside and use them as home made candles for your patio.
The holes can be in different shapes and sizes, so the light of the candle will go out of it.
You will love the idea.

Yoram Yasur: curtains are not just for areas inside your house.

Curtains look great anywhere, we used it on living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, almost any room of the house.
Well, why not use curtains in outdoors? yes, if you want a patio or a pergola, and you want more privacy.

Just hang beautiful curtains and you have a private area surrounded by beautiful fabrics.
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Yoram Yasur

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