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Yoram Yasur: Curtains can add a dramatic change to your room

yoram yasur eaglesYoram Yasur: curtains can add a dramatic change to your room.

If you match your curtains with the wallpaper, you will create a dramatic look!

Try to avoid the overloaded look.
Break your white walls using a pretty curtain with bold borders in red to lightning and break monotony in your room.

Get a feminine touch with roman curtains in flower patterns.
Secure them with ribbons tied up.
Use simple white shades with a color border for a boost of color and a clean and simple look.

Yoram Yasur: dark colors equate with drama in a bedroom setting.

Texture and repetition also bring the palette to life.
Using each color more than once makes the mixing look more intentional.
Keep your palette of whites within the same family, so that they all share similar undertones.
Dark colors equate with drama in a bedroom setting.
For a more steady approach to drama, use a dark color in one large dose and let the rest of the room’s elements remain bright.
To avoid color overload, match paint swatches to a pattern, but then use the color at the top of the swatch for your walls.
A little more liberty with the whites.
Using pure shades alongside shades in varying degrees of antiquing gives the room a collected old-time look.

Dark colors will add drama to a room.

Add a couple of red elements.
It could be a couple of chairs, an artwork.
Be careful with the size of your lamps.

Too big, will look bad.
Imagine the look of using brown in the walls and light blue on chairs?

I bet you will love it! if you want to create a sophisticated look, try using everything white, chairs, table, sideboards.
Make a contrast with blue walls. Creamy white goes perfectly with blue.
Having just one light source.
Is better to mix table lamps, floor lamps.
It will create a warmer look.

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