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Yoram Yasur: Display your collections in open shelves.

yoram yasur circleYoram Yasur: Display your collections in open shelves.

A mirror with a frame that has a sun shape will be great to decorate your fireplace.
I have seen them in many magazines, and it looks great, specially when the frame uses a golden touch.
A coffee table made of mirrors will be the perfect element to add sparkle to your living room.
Beige walls combine great with glass, because they add light.
If your fireplace has a brick texture, you are a lucky one!

I love the look of bricks, they are so charming and special.
Display your collections in open shelves.

Yoram Yasur: Display your photos like a pro.

Use frame risers to bring some frames over the others.
Use a focal point.
They must be at eye level.
Choose a wall color that highlight accent colors, so the photograph look more dramatic.
Use frame hangers to protect walls and photos.
If you need to eliminate something from the image, crop the photo, use black construction paper.
If your photographs look a little old, you can take them to a photo center so they can eliminate spots and color deterioration.
You can also do it yourself on your computer.
There is a lot of programs you can download to retouching photographs.

Don’t be afraid to play with shades in your color scheme.

The combination will look coordinated if the colors share the same undertone.
Pick a strip of colors you like and use it to help you pick accents for your room.
Keep the undertones warm and the space will never feel uninviting.

Fabrics such as velvet and damask will lend a shimmering effect.
Add an antique chair, and a graceful headboard to maintain a level of sophistication.

Forget the notion that your whites have to match.
A mixed bag of neutrals can create a visually interesting space with a few simple tricks.

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