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Yoram Yasur: Doors are great to create a nice piece of furniture!

yorma yasur niceYoram Yasur: Doors are great to create a nice piece of furniture!

You can add a country charm to your kitchen just by using line in the inside of cabinets or pantry doors.
They will look great, and the see though style will help you display stuff.
An old window shutter hanged in your wall will work great as a wall organizing for bills and mail.
Use egg cartons to protect delicate ornaments!! you can also distress a piece of furniture so it looks old, if you want a vintage look.
Doors are great to create a nice piece of furniture.
You can use them as tables, walls, anything you imagine.
Use an old birdcage as a mail holder.

Yoram Yasur: Doors can be different. avoid the same old solid and boring styles.

Change your old lightning for a new one, and give your ambiance a totally new look.
Neutral looks are always in.
They make you feel calm, clutter free.
Tiles are a very good option for kitchens and baths, and are not too expensive.
If you want a twist, use two tile designs to add some different look.
You can tile your own backsplash.
Is easy! Look for tutorials.
Doors can be different, there are so many designs! avoid the same old solid and boring styles.
You can refresh your house walkway just by adding some lightning to your landscape, uses elements in metal and wood.
Improving the entry of your house will make a big impact.

Yoram Yasur: double up function when needed.

For example, if your home lacks a dining room and contends with a small kitchen.
A restaurant work table in the corner of the kitchen is a dining table, countertop, and desk rolled into one.
Backless stools keep things visually light.
Add storage where you can find it.
Built-in storage units provide plentiful storage space while avoiding floor-hogging dressers and armories.
Before starting on any decorating adventure, think about what you like.
While inspiration is all around.
Plan with your existing items in mind.
Acknowledging, rather than ignoring, them will make the final result more satisfactory.
If your sofa has seen better days and it’s time for an upgrade, start. Your decorating there.
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