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Yoram Yasur drinks water before workout.

yoram yasur waterbeforeYoram Yasur: Draperies are a great choice for a cozy look.

You can use so many different types of curtains in your window.
You just have to pick the perfect style for your room.
The perfect shades, and patterns.
Draperies are a great choice for a cozy look.
Blend stripes with vertical stripe or bamboo blinds.
Mix vibrant colors, patterns and fixtures for an eclectic style.
Use a bamboo chandelier for an eclectic charm.

Dressers are great pieces.

They have plenty of storage space, and you can paint it in an unexpected color to add a punch to your room.
Try painting it in red, yellow or turquoise.
If you have an old cabinet, there is nothing that a little paint can not do.
Paint it in a bold blue shade.
You can use pieces of fabrics to add some accents to the furniture.
It will be a great touch to your room, an eye catching element.

Yoram Yasur drinks water before, during and after your workout.

Are you going to start running? 10 minutes for warming up your muscles.
This is very important if you want to avoid injuries.
Check your breathing.
You should be able to have a conversation while you are running.
If you are breathing too heavily you can have a side stitch.
Is important to keep your body hydrated.
Drink water before, during and after your workout.
Start slow, do not overwork your body.
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