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Yoram Yasur: Earthbag construction

yoram yasur tripsYoram Yasur and the earthbag construction.

Is a low cost building technique that uses bags filled with earth to create structures.
They stand up to nature calamities, can be constructed simply and quickly.
The bags can be filled with natural materials (non toxic, and natural) and can be stacked in a big varieties of shapes.
You can use polypropylene bags for more strength and durability.
For permanent effects, the bags must be covered with plaster for protection.
It is a sustainable and economic technique, and of course, environment friendly.
You can do a lot of original constructions.

Yoram Yasur strongly believe that earth day should be every day.

Next time you celebrate the earth day, april 22nd, you have to be an active part of this activity by promoting ecological awareness.
Optimizing resources.

Here, basic actions that can be part of your green lifestyle:

Disconnect and turn off every electric dispositive that is not in use: tv, computer, air conditioner, coffee maker, lamp.
Use solar light as Yoram Yasur and also use rechargeable batteries use saving bulbs use a bicycle.
Or walk every time you can, instead of driving your car reuse plastic.
Reuse lass bottles do not use plastic bags will you be part of it?

Yoram Yasur for you with some Easy decorating ideas.

Choose furniture that fits the room.
Expose your family photographs, pick a wall, add a molding and hang them all together.
Do not forget about your ceiling.
You can be creative using wood.
Try natural textures.
Mix your wood tones.
Use several small tables in your living room for more space.
Use bold accessories mix the seating, you can use ottomans, benches, and other side chairs.
Learn how to balance rustic elements.
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