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Yoram Yasur with easy to do ideas for your home.

yoram yasur easyideasYoram Yasur with easy to do ideas for your home.


Transform your wall into an artwork putting a white decal on a colored wall.
Revamp your lamp, changing its shade.
You will completely change its look.
Use shades in solid colors that combine with the rest of the room.
Personalize your art with shadow boxes.
Put in some family photos, ribbons, postcards, the idea is to create a story.
Pillows are the most easy way to redecorate your sofa, without spending too much money.
Use different textures, fabrics, materials, be creative! If you have an old lamp that you are tired of.

Just paint its base with spray paint in a vibrant color!

Personalize drawers with chalkboards labels and hand draw names of each member of the family.

Yoram Yasur: Easy to do tabletop decorations.

Just mix the treasures:

Pinecones, acorns, and branches. Perfect for a centerpiece.
Use a simple glass vase with foliage to transform nature into beautiful art.
Mix bouquet flowers with vegetables for a nice centerpiece.
Put beautiful flowers in hollowed out gourds, for a unique vase.
White pumpkins look great in your tabletop decoration with serving dishes.

Very classy.
Use a large plate as the base, layered decoration, with teacups and smaller plates.
Add orange flowers on each plate.
Make vegetable vases for a perfect tabletop decoration.
Cut peppers lengthwise , do not cut the top completely, hollow out the pepper and fill them with flowers.

Eating rules for runners.

Always prefer unprocessed foods.
Choose nutritious food, whole grains, fish, lean meats, vegetables and fruits.
Eat small meals throughout the day.
Eat mini meals to maintain your energy levels during the day.
Do not deny the foods you love.
Allow yourself small portions of the foods you love.
Do not force you to eat what you do not like.
Eating in moderation is the most important thing.
Change what you eat. Do not eat the same menu day after day.
Try different fruits and vegetables.
Is important to eat proteins because they are used for energy and to repair tissue damage during training.
You can find good sources of protein in fish, lean meat, beans, nuts, whole grains, eggs, low fat milk.

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