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Yoram Yasur and easy tips to add glamour

yoram yasur real
Yoram Yasur: easy tips to add glamour to your home.

You can create original crafts with missing mittens.
Just glue them on felt and put them on a frame.
Use shells to decorate your kitchen or entryway.
Create a nice and natural display with them.
Hang a mirror to add drama and light to a blank space.
Pile some of your books to get attention.
You can use oversize books, stack them on flat surface.
Books look always great! repurpose your furniture.
You can use a chair as a bedside table.
Place a tray on it to hold stuff like a clock, lamp of books.
Use your fireplace to display a collection of vases or candles.
You can gather similar pieces and place them in different shapes.

Yoram Yasur: Easy tips to make your bathroom glow.

Jus add a nice and dramatic mirror, glass shelves .
Renew the look of your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint or stain.
Add a few rustic touches and you will personalize the bathroom immediately.
Add nice white tiles around the shower to add a nice touch to your bathroom walls.
A rustic console or table can be transformed into a stylish rustic vanity.
Use a wall faucet to avoid cutting the table.
Protect the wood with clear polyurethane to have a moisture proof top.

Yoram Yasur: easy to do flower arrangements.

Use different shades of pink for a romantic look.
For a casual look, just choose a couple of flowers in complementary colors and put them together in a tight arrangement.
Change the water every day so it lasts a week or two.
You can add lemons and oranges to your bouquet to get a fresh look.
One of my favorites: put small and large antique bottles inside an old wooden tool box and fill with flowers!
Just put tulips in a coffee cup, and you will have the most gorgeous detail for a small table.
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