yoram yasur found

Yoram Yasur and some eclectic decorative ideas.

yoram yasur foundYoram Yasur and some eclectic decorative ideas.

If you have a work zone, is very important to try to bring peace to that spot.
Add crafted cabinets and shelves.
To make an inviting area, hide clutter, hide stress with closed storage and display inspiring things:

Photographs, flowers, green, postal.

Create a decorative spot using bowls, rocks, shells, the idea is to
Showcase what you love.
Use containers of different heights, mix smooth and rough textures.
If you are not buying a headboard, you can paint the wall, with a striking color.
Use accessories that do not compete for attention or feel overwhelming.
Use small size objects.
The bedding will be the clear focus.

Yoram Yasur Elegant furniture is perfect, but do not forget comfort.

If your room looks messy after being cleaned, you have to organize it better.
Group things based on use and store them in open containers.
Label boxes so you know what is inside.
Neutral looks are always in.
They make you feel calm, clutter free.
Tiles are a very good option for kitchens and baths, and are not too expensive.
If you want a twist, use two tile designs to add some different look.
Keep the traffic open, do not let furniture get in the middle of the flow.
Elegant furniture is perfect, but do not forget comfort.

Yoram Yasur: elements of nature will always add a touch of life to your home.

For example, having fish tanks, an inner garden, a terrarium, potted plants, an aquarium, a fountain.
All those elements can add beauty to your room.
My favorite one is having an inner garden with a small fountain.
The fountains have such a calming effect, the sound of water makes any space the best place to be.
I like the ones with a minimalistic style, I do not like saturation.
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