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Yoram Yasur Etiquette tips for runners.

yoram yasur cool desingYoram Yasur Etiquette tips for runners.

Run a race without paying.
Line up properly.
Faster runners should be line up ant the front, slower runners and walkers, at the back.
Do not carry a set of keys in your pocket, the constant jingling is annoying.
Let other runners pass you.
Be more careful when wearing headphones.
Keep the volume down so you can listen.
Thank organizers.
Be careful in water stations, make sure you do not have a runner.
Do not stop at the finish line, because there will be runners coming right behind you.

Everyday things make great decorative organizers.

Give an old lamp new life.
Spray-paint the base a bold, glossy color.
Use a tray to restore the order of your coffee table.
Everyday things make great decorative organizers.
A new shower curtain is a simple way to update a bathroom.
Group vases with colorful flowers on a tray for an instant centerpiece on a coffee table.
Even simple white wood frames transform a random photo fest into a gallery of family history.
Pick a bold color for your front door.

Yoram Yasur: every shade you pick for your room will add a certain mood.

Use shades of blue for a beachy style.
Combine it with camel and neutral linens.
If you are looking for an energetic shade, choose greens.
They match with the vibrancy of active people.
Neutral colors add warmth to your decoration and they are versatile.
Everything goes with neutrals.
And remember that neutrals do not have to be boring.
Yellow shades will add youth and adventure to your room.
Pinks are so sophisticated and livable.

Yellow-oranges create moods in a room.
Lemony orange is happy.
Reddish orange is welcoming.
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