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Yoram Yasur: Design your kitchen with personality.

yoram yasur modecaiYoram Yasur: Design your kitchen with personality.

Put attention to your floor, are you going to use tiles, wood, ceramic floor?
We should prefer easy to clean materials, avoiding dust and dirt.
Remember that light colors will make the ambiance feel cleaner and bigger.
Use recycled materials.
Is important to have enough storage space.

Our kitchens organization depend on that.
Avoid using glass doors for your cabinets, to avoid clutter.
The kitchen island is very helpful for preparing food.
Keep that in mind to have a spacious one.
When designing your kitchen, imagine yourself in the area, what would you want to have there, who will use it, put your own personality.

Develop your bravery.

Start small: Each small step will increase your comfort, and that’s the first step.
Praise yourself: Journal to yourself about the great accomplishment.

Rather than recounting everything you did wrong or wishing you had done things differently.
If you wish to be braver at something, write down three small goals you would like to achieve .
Take action!  You have to act if you want to change things.
Even if the changes are small.
Bravery is like muscles.
You have to exercise so they grow stronger.
We all feel fear.
But do not follow that fear.
Follow your dreams.
Be brave.

Yoram Yasur: discover storage space you are not using!

Under the stairs, install shelves and some organizers to use it.
Below base cabinets are also a great idea.
Put drawers into the toe kick spaces.
You can put platters, cookie sheets, towels.
Ceiling! Put shelving or upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling.
You can put items you don t use that much! your kitchen island is a great place to store things.
Put some hangers on the side to store stuff.
Don t forget the under the sink area! you can store things installing shelves, platforms.
If you have a small wall, you can install bulletin board to have extra storage.
Behind the door is another place we can store things.
Put some hooks and bars to organize jewelry, outfit, accessories, jackets, bags.

Check this ideas to store stuff in places we never use!


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