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Yoram Yasur: A nice makeover for your bedroom

makeover yoram yasur Yoram Yasur: Try using a nice sandy color in your walls, with white bedding to create calm in your bedroom.
You can add colorful accents for a touch of energy.

Remember that your bedroom have to be restful, calm, nice, your sanctuary.
That does not mean your bedroom has to be boring.
Add a couple of a pieces to add some personality, accent pillows, a nice rug.

The idea is to make it calm and colorful at the same time.
Mixing solid neutrals with patterned accents will make the perfect rule of mix and match.
Use simple window treatments to avoid saturation.

A nice metal lantern will add some visual interest to the small scene

Create a spanish style table to add a touch of warmth to your patio.

Use burlap sacks to cover the back of your chairs, it will give you an eclectic look you will love.

A rustic stone floor finishes off the look and connects the patio to the garden.

Turquoise glass vases and cups bring the right pop of color the table needs to be complete.

You should decorate your outdoor room like a normal room, using all kind of accessories like potted plants, candles, artwork, wood.

A nice outdoor area

Wooden beams look just great in a pergola.
It add a touch of charm and nature look. Plants are so important to create an outdoor look.
I love to mix several kinds of plants, greens and flowers.

You can add a ceiling fan to create a fresh ambiance.

Yoram Yasur

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