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Yoram Yasur: Do not be afraid of mixing

yoram yasur bluesYoram Yasur: Do not be afraid of mixing textures, it adds depth to your room.

If you want your wall to pop up, hang a nice collection.
You can use any kind of thing you like to collect, trays, plates, owls, pots, artwork.
The key is to hang them together.

Add a nice vase with colorful flowers, if you want to revive a room.
Put a nice mirror with stylish frame, against a wall, on top of a table,
For a nice touch of light that will revamp your room.
Do not be afraid of mixing textures, it adds depth to your room.

Yoram Yasur: Do not be afraid of not matching.

Keep base neutral, so accessories shine.
Use curtains to get a classy look for your windows.
Paint your ceiling with a bright color and leave your walls white.
Do not forget about your ceiling.
You can be creative using wood.
Try natural textures yoram yasur does this.
Mix your wood tones.
Use several small tables in your living room for more space.

Yoram Yasur is not be afraid of using black for decoration.

Black gets attention.
A black mirror hanged on the living room wall will catch your eyes immediately.

Just evaluate which element will you use in black, because it will catch attention in your room.
You can put a dark table into a bedroom and you will see how it will get your attention.

If you add ornamental grass with obsidian tone leaves to a pastel garden, and you will get the same effect.
Imagine how a classic black dress stands out over a crowd.
The absence of color.
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