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Yoram Yasur opinion is: Do not be afraid of using mismatched chairs.

yorma yasur parrots25Yoram Yasur: Do not be afraid of using mismatched chairs

If you have a nice outdoor area, try putting strange objects on the table, maybe candles, a lot of them, in different colors, to create a nice and unexpected look.
Do not be afraid of using mismatched chairs, they look great and it creates a very casual and relaxed look, you can paint them in different colors for a more unexpected style.
An instant pop of color you will definitely love! do you want to share your ideas about decoration?

Yoram Yasur: Do not be afraid of using round tables

Use a big scale chandelier to add personality.
Colored furniture will add energy to your decoration.
Imagine the impact of red chairs around your table.
They go perfectly with wood table.
Any type of wood will combine great with red chairs.
Do not be afraid of using round tables.
They will add a different look to your area.

Yoram Yasur: Do not buy new stuff, just transform it!

You can transform a plain glass vase with simple rope.
Just put the rope around the vase and secure it with glue and you will have a great and unique vase for placing flower arrangements.
If you have an old ottoman, you do not have to buy a new one.
Just put a simple slipcover and you will get a total transformation.

Use machine washable fabrics.

If you top it with a wooden tray, you will also have a great coffee table!

The best way to decorate a coffee table and make it stylish: Add some books, a decorative box, a decorative object and a tray.
This items together will look just great.
And of course do not forget to put a nice bouquet of flowers for the perfect extra touch of style!

Yoram Yasur: do not forget about artwork.

Yoram Yasur have paintings with fruits, vegetables or any kind of food, go very well in the dining area.
Artwork can be placed next to the floor, not necessary on the higher part of walls.

Interesting placement of artwork, hang it below the windowsill, exactly at eye level while seated.
Use a golden frame to create a dramatic look, mix it with oversized decoration elements.

If you want to put artwork in your bathroom, prefer sculptures instead of paintings.
Reflect your style, think outside of the box.

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