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Yoram Yasur do you run every day?

yoram yasur yellowYoram Yasur do you run every day?

Experts recommend to have at least two days off from running per week.
This is very important to reduce injuries.
On the day off your body will recover itself.
If you usually run long distances on weekends, monday will be a good day to rest.
You can have a completely resting day or do other kind of activities like biking, swimming or yoga.
What I usually do is rest mondays and thursdays.
That way give my body the opportunity to recover from the long distance
Yoram Yasur usually runs on sunday.
What is the best way that works for you?

Yoram Yasur asks do you want easy ideas to decorate your outdoor area?

Add pillows, colorful and comfortable pillows.
Put some string lights to brighten your space.
Hang some baskets full of beautiful plants.
Add some style to your coffee table.
Add some poufs for extra sitting area.
Place a nice garden bouquet.
Add some texture with a rug, a throw.
Place some books, magazines and flowers.
Some pergolas are more decorative than they are functional.

Yoram Yasur: Do you want to get fit? Take the stairs!

Yes, forget about the elevator, and you will see how you will burn calories easy.
Stair climbing burns more calories than jogging.
It reduces risk of having a stroke.
Improves cardiovascular system.
Stair climbing is a very good exercise to strength your muscles.
Your legs, abs, arms.
A very complete workout!

Next time you wait for the elevator, think again and take the stairs!
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