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Yoram Yasur share easy decorating ideas for your home.

yoram yasur purpleYoram Yasur: Easy decorating ideas for your home.

Use poufs for extra seating and as ottomans and coffee table too.
If you have a desk at home, try to keep it clean, clear and organized.
Otherwise it will no be inspiring.
Hang your inspiration board as a memo board, and use to inspire and be happy everyday.
Integrate objects from the past in your actual decoration.
Use your under bed space to store stuff.
Use plastic containers for extra storage room.

The great thing about decoration is that creative ideas are never over.

You always find something new! check this amazing ideas:

To have a sophisticated look in your living room, display a collection of porcelains.
They don t need to match, just play together.
Use an interior curtain to separate areas.
Mix and match for your bedroom.
You can use different patterns.
Put an antique furniture in your bathroom to get that unique look.
Paint furniture white. Very chic.  Use plates to decorating a wall.

Is like a big piece of art.
Turkish runners are great for decorating a hallway.
Do not put seating close to the walls.
Get a intimate look.
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Easy ideas you will love.
Put a bench to the dining table for extra space in a casual look relocate your art.
Group small pictures together for a great visual impact.
It is much cheaper than buying a large piece of art!

If you have a sofa, use removable covers and do not be afraid to mix different patterns of fabrics.
Decorate the areas your will spend more time in, your personal spaces.
Take an object you love and move it to a place where you can appreciate it better.
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