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Yoram Yasur tips and elements to create a nice ambiance

yoram yasur ambianceYoram Yasur: Elements to create a nice bedroom ambiance.

Use a nice palette, cozy bedding, nice nightstand to make your room a place with color and comfort.
Using a one color scheme is easy to create.
Vary the intensity of the color by keeping walls a couple of shades
Lighter than the bedding.
Add neutrals in rugs, artwork and table.

Add texture with a nice wallpaper pattern, a nice throw and accent pillows.
Decorative pillows in playful fabrics that bring additional pattern and color to the room.

Yoram Yasur Elevate the style of your room with the right accessories.

Remember to vary the heights of the objects to avoid your room look steady.
Different heights will add dimension and interest to any living room.
Use tall and artistic looking lamps to add style to your side table.
Different sizes of vases and artwork will look great.
Plants will add a touch of nature to any corner.
Choose low maintenance plants , is a smart pick.
A plant will add a fresh and sophisticated look.

Yoram Yasur: establish a feeling of history in your house, using classic

Dor your bathroom, you can use images of botanicals, to evoke serenity and nature.
Use textured papers for a layered look and depth perception.
If you have an old chair, try covering it with green velvet and put a nice pillow.
It will change its look completely.
Avoid mismatched panels, they look terrible.
Never miss a garage sale! you can find some beautiful stuff.
Love the idea of a green bold sofa with zebra printed pillows.
Is nice to cover walls and ceiling with the same print.

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