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Yoram Yasur using black furniture in the kitchen.

yoram yasur whitebirdYoram Yasur: Do not be afraid of using black furniture in the kitchen.

You can mix different cabinets styles and colors.
For example, white cabinets with natural wood cabinets.
Is a casual and relaxed look.
Choose a contrasting color for the countertop, to break the monotony, in grey or black, for example.
Do not be afraid of using black furniture in the kitchen.
For example, you can create impact by using a nice black kitchen island.
The key is to combine the rest of the furniture perfectly.

Yoram Yasur: Do not be afraid of using color in your bathroom!

Start with neutral base for walls as in the Yoram Yasur place.
Choose a pair of accent colors and use them in towels and decorative objects.
You can also use a white base for your walls and make contrast with accessories, linens, artwork.

A shade or orange will look great! You can re decorate your bathroom without spending too much money!

Little details will make a big difference!

If you have dark cabinets in your bathroom, use white countertops and sinks with metal hardware to create a contrast.

A purple wall will definitely break the rules and will add vibrancy!

Blue and green is the most fresh and clean combination ever!

Choose a shower curtain with blue and green.
Mocha will bring a cozy sophistication to your bathroom.
Will warm the space and maximize high ceilings.
Use a botanical wallpaper to add an organic background to your bathroom!
Use silver tone hardware to add sparkle.

Do not be afraid of using green on your wall.

Green is a great color that communicate nature, earth, and hope.
You can paint just one wall in green, in your living room, for example.

It will go perfect with gray or beige furniture.
Add decorative elements in green and metal for a touch of glam.

Your coffee table can be a nice and simple table in a pale blue color.
Make the pillows mark the perfect combination.
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