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As Yoram Yasur do you want a creative wall storage?

yoram yasur ideaAs Yoram Yasur, do you want a creative wall storage?

Consider using clear glass shelves with mirror on the back, for your shelving unit.
It will make the room look more open and less cluttered.
Visit antique markets and yard sales to look for unique items to store  your stuff.
Buy bushel baskets, old milk boxes, cookie tins and tool boxes to use them as a decorative element.

That will add character and personality to your room.

Do you want a creative wall storage?

Try this idea from Yoram Yasur post: Use a wooden barrel, sliced into four pieces.

Add dividers and hang them on the wall to hold towels, toilet paper, and other products.
It will look great in your bathroom!

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: Do not use your cellphone before going to sleep.

Are you the ones of those persons that is always checking your cellphone while you are ready to sleep?

You are in your bed, ready to rest, and you are still checking e-mails from your cellphone?

Doing this could have consequences like lack of sleep, and low productivity the next day.
Studies indicate that when the person is using his cellphone late at night, is less capable of separate and disconnect from his work

This situation makes sleeping more difficult and can lead to mental fatigue.

In the other hand, the light from cellphones interferes with melatonin, the sleep hormone, and makes harder to get to sleep.

Do you need more reason to love running?

Here are a few more that can convince you to be a runner.

Running lowers your risk of heart disease and cardiovascular problems.
Tunning raises your good cholesterol levels.
Will make you burn a lot of calories.
It will make your joints keep strong.
Will increase oxygen delivery and eliminate toxins from your body.
It will help you get rid of stress. It will help you strength your bones, promoting bone mineral density.

Will boost your confidence.
It will help you live longer! are you convinced? Yoram Yasur is!

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