Yoram Yasur Yazbek: 2019 Christmas trending colors

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: 2019 Christmas trending colors

What are the color trends for Christmas 2019 and what decorating ideas are in fashion this year? There is no doubt that Christmas is characterized by having a series of colors and shades considered as traditional of these holidays. It is the case of red, green, silver and gold. But in recent decades it is common to also find Christmas with a wide variety of colors, some as striking as beautiful, so that it is possible to find ornaments and figures that now have a wide diversity of tones.

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: That the color red and green are two of the characteristic Christmas colors of that there is virtually no room for doubt. Although it is not known historically when they began to be used, they do present a special symbolism. For example, the color red represents fire and blood, in addition to divine love and generosity. While the green color symbolizes hope, in addition to life and nature.

And we can also mention other colors just as traditional. This is the case, for example, of white, which represents the joy, faith, purity and illumination so characteristic of these Christmas holidays. The silver color symbolizes gratitude, and gold symbolizes praise.

What colors will win and be trend in Christmas 2019?

It seems that bright blue and icy tones (traditionally and popularly known as ice blue) will be one of the colors that will become a trend this Christmas. And, in addition, we could find them accompanied with all silver and white. These shades are combined with some of the decorations that seem to be equally trend this year: feathers and pendants made with materials similar to cotton, which will help without a doubt when creating a warm atmosphere.

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: The orange tones (similar to shades that are very reminiscent of the color that honey has) also becomes another of the most striking and interesting colors for these Christmas holidays, a hue that also helps when creating an atmosphere as intimate as warm .

They also highlight, yes, the most modern colors, as it has been practically happening for some years, since it is difficult not to see in a store where you can buy Christmas decorations, with figures, balls and crowns of violet tones. It is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a modern lifestyle and wish that their Christmas also represents it.

It offers an even different appearance when the violet tones are combined with metallic and gray-silver tones, since they combine perfectly.

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: But if you are looking for a color as different as it is striking, that could give you the possibility of achieving absolute success in your decorations for Christmas 2019, it is the mint green color, in combination with the anthracite and silver hue.

They can be, for example, simple balls for the mint green and anthracite tree, which will combine perfectly with chrome or silver accessories. It is also possible to find these shades in more modern forms, such as hearts, or in simple and traditional forms such as stars and bells.

On the other hand, this year the white disappears a little more, although natural decorations (mainly in white tones) tend to gain in importance. Green pine crowns are equally popular, in addition to flower crowns.

Of course, as far as the Christmas tree is concerned, this year is also becoming more natural in decorative terms. It is also a trend, for example, to use green and red balls at the most, while the rest could be decorated with shiny white or silver cones, cinnamon sticks, spice decorations, straw stars and felt charms.

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: The figurines and decorations in natural wood will also be an interesting option, especially if you want to enjoy a much more natural and traditional Christmas, where Nature is a sign of clarifying identity.


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