Yoram Yasur Yazbek: Christmas decor that can’t be missing in your home

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: Christmas decor that can’t be missing in your home

The charm of Christmas and everything that surrounds it lies precisely in the pleasant moments with the family in our homes. Therefore, Christmas decorations are essential for any environment at Christmas time. When we talk about Christmas ornaments, the ideas and the possibilities of decoration are many and super varied. There are ornaments with shapes and designs that are more successful than others, although the truth is that it depends a lot on each one’s taste when choosing them.

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: If there is something that encourages us and makes us happy at Christmas, it is time to decorate our home in an original and stylish way. It is important to give a touch of color and joy to our living room as well as to the other areas of the house.

Christmas ornaments with a lot of style and class

– Christmas tree

He is the great protagonist of Christmas. There are in all sizes and even in all colors, and there are thousands of ways to decorate it. It is very important to maintain the color and balance we want for our tree without overloading it much. Each Christmas ornament can be of different materials and the important thing is to follow a theme with the rest of the decoration.

– Natural ornaments

Natural ornaments are very important in today’s decoration and also in Christmas. Not only do they create a more vivid environment but they are usually cheaper and easier to make. We can find most of the outdoor materials, since they are elements of nature such as pineapples, branches, leaves, sticks and flowers.

– Candles

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: One of the main trends for this year are candles as Christmas decorations. They give a warm and cozy atmosphere providing a pleasant and fragrant fragrance. We can give it a more Christmas touch by incorporating arrangements of pineapples, wooden sticks, branches and red ribbons.

– Original Christmas ornaments

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: Christmas decorations can be a spectacular cover letter in our home and a way to surprise all family and friends. Today, we find super original and sophisticated Christmas ornaments that will give your home a special touch.

– Stockings

Stockings are an element that cannot be missing in any family. We can find a wide variety, different styles, textures and colors that make them perfect to brighten up all the spaces of our home. We can place them next to the Christmas tree, on an armchair, hanging on the doors or on the stairs.

– Vintage ornaments

The vintage style in Christmas decorations is one of the most used at Christmas. Small birds on branches or balls with bright colors for a centerpiece are mandatory and give a special touch to the corners of the house.

– A Christmas twist on doors

Door ornaments are always a good option. They give style and personality to your doors and with colored ribbons, stars, lights, garlands, balls or simply natural twigs will help you to the smallest corner of your house.

– Decorative vinyl

Vinyl has been the big trend in recent years. They are spectacular to use in decoration and give life to our homes. We can use them at Christmas because they are a practical, beautiful and quick solution to decorate. There are already many stores that sell vinyl for special dates, so dare! Then you will not want another Christmas ornament.

– LED lights

LED lights are also a Christmas ornament. They are a good option to take care of the environment and the best, consume 80% less than normal lights. They give a special and quite modern touch to Christmas decoration.

– Rustic Christmas ornaments

Rustic ornaments are one of the trends for this year. To decorate the earth, toasted, green, orange and beige colors stand out. The rustic style makes our home look cozier.

– Fireplace

If you have a fireplace at home this is a place that you have to decorate with Christmas ornaments. Of course, one of the best you can have are socks. We can make them ourselves or buy them made.

– Garlands

Garlands are also a good Christmas ornament option. We can decorate the windows, the doors, the stairs. There are several shapes, sizes and colors and give a lot of life to our decoration.

– Snowmen

Snowmen are not a very original ornament but children love them. They serve to decorate both the exterior and the interior of the house. There are several sizes and they come in different materials but they are still a classic and an indispensable Christmas ornament.

– Candies, sweets and cookies

What ornaments more original and richer than candies and sweets in one of the most magical and beautiful dates of the year. We can place confectioners with candies, decorated Christmas cookies and colored candies. It is a pretty idea to decorate the table or side tables.

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: Christmas without Christmas decorations is like Three Kings Day without gifts. New or inherited ornaments, stars, crowns, balls, lots of brightness and lighting, choose what you like most so that nothing is missing in the most magical night of the year.


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