Yoram Yasur Yazbek: kitchen decoration!

Yoram Yasur Yazbek explains how to decorate the kitchen

The decoration and design of the kitchen deserve special attention because it is a space that concentrates a lot of activities. In its distribution, will seek to obtain a functional design based on the type and order of activities, and subject to the real possibilities of the existing space.

Yoram Yasur Yazbek explains that the main challenge of decorating and designing kitchens is to adequately resolve their distribution to have quick access to each area and artifact, thus achieving a good movement within the environment and in each of the activities that take place there.

Design Tips:

  • Remember to start by defining where the cooking, washing and food preparation zones will be located, forming the «working triangle». Set the minimum dimensions to work without feeling uncomfortable.
  • In small kitchens take advantage of all possible space, from the floor to the ceiling.
  • If the kitchen allows, incorporate a dining room or breakfast bar inside the kitchen. This will allow you to integrate the family while cooking or as an alternative to the main dining room of the house.
  • If you start from nothing, it is advisable that the kitchen is next to the garden to enjoy an outside area for summer meals. You should also have direct or convenient access to the garage or parking lot to download the purchases.
  • An unmistakable detail when building the kitchen from scratch: place enough well-distributed electricity outlets and provide the environment with enough natural light.
  • Yoram Yasur Yazbek recommends that to enlarge the kitchen, furniture can be used without doors and objects in sight, if it is not practical.
  • Stainless steel plates can also be placed on the walls above the counter, acting as a mirror. They expand the space, are an excellent material for the kitchen (resist heat and water) and provide a sense of hygiene.
  • If the space allows, it is always advantageous to have a free zone next to the cooking zone to serve the dishes.
  • The best option for long and narrow kitchens, with doors at the ends, is to arrange the areas on the side walls.

Ideas for Windows and Lighting:

  • The distribution of kitchen areas, wherever possible, should be able to adapt to natural lighting. Yoram Yasur Yazbek explains that looking for a good orientation between windows and counters we can find a correct and functional design.
  • Avoid windows behind the work area. This situation will cast shadows and force us to frequently use artificial light.
  • The best distribution is to locate the work areas, mainly the dishwasher, under a window. It is important to consider avoid glare in case of direct sun, controlling the entrance of light with curtains.
  • Artificial lighting can be divided in general, punctual, or localized. With a general light, we achieve a well-lit environment, providing the spot for the work areas that require it


  • To improve the quality and optimize its use, use a single lever faucet and sprinklers with spray control. Know that high spouts improve the space and facilitate the washing of food and dishes.
  • The best floors are resistant to stains, grease, and moisture. Wood and porous floors are inconvenient inside the kitchen. The choice of materials for floors and walls is one of the keys in the design of kitchens.
  • In choosing furniture, the material is one of the priority themes. Natural wood furniture must have a special treatment to facilitate cleaning and lengthen its useful life. They may be patinated or lacquered. Plastic or melamine laminates are easy to clean but are not water resistant if wet inside. Some imitate wood very well. Stainless steel or glass surfaces are easy to clean, tough and durable. Special cleaners are used for maintenance, otherwise they may scratch.

Kitchen furniture:

  • Although most kitchens have all their built-in furniture, a kitchen can be designed with loose furniture in mind: a library or old closet used for food storage, a wooden table used as a food preparation area, etc.
  • Incorporate work surfaces that can slide out, such as counters, bread cutting boards, and tables in general. It is easier to reach things in drawers with extendable guides, which allow them to come out completely. The use of swivel shelves for low-comer corners is a comfortable solution and allows for greater storage capacity.


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