Yoram Yasur Yazbek styling insipid corners

How to style those insipid corners at home

Yoram Yasur Yazbek says, your house is your sanctuary, space where you always want to find peace when you get home from work and want to have it as organized, clean and beautiful as possible. Each room should generate feelings and tranquility as needed for the specific activity for which it was designed. However, when it comes to decorating every space at home you can find that you have some insipid corners, without any taste, that are only there to delimit the room.

But calm; now there are many trends and ideas to give style to those dark spaces that seemed to have no purpose, now you will give them something to do. In this article, Yoram Yasur Yazbek will make you expand your mind a bit on how to turn dead spots at home into something more fun and with a lot of personality to give a greater added value to your home.

Yoram Yasur Yazbek explains: An empty corner can spoil the arrangement of the furniture you love so much, but if you do not decorate it properly it can ruin the entire room completely. Pay attention and take note, you can combine these suggestions with your tastes and invent ways to make it much more original.

  • The most common to decorate an empty corner are the plants, specifically those in pots. You can take inspiration from this tradition and give it a great touch. First of all, choose the plant according to its maintenance and look, the one you like the most with a sophisticated pot that matches the furniture, or you can put a hanging pot.
  • If the plants do not excite you too much, you can opt for the common table with decorative elements such as paper lamps or photographs.
  • A current trend is to place on each side numerous photographs, like a mosaic either forming specific or asymmetric figures, that when they are seen in the distance it is difficult to visualize the corner as it will look like a straight wall over the room.
  • You can use auxiliary furniture to decorate the corners while you can store books, records, magazines, movies or any other item you want to have near the furniture in the room to entertain yourself.
  • You can also add an auxiliary table with a chair with a lot of style, special to give life and usefulness to that insipid corner and sit down to do some activity you love most doing like reading.
  • Of course you cannot miss using the shelves, which designed in asymmetric styles will make it much more original, to fill them with books, photo frames, trophies, and other decorative elements according to your cultural orientations, this type of decoration allows you to make the most of the space and give it a lot of personality. The material in which you manufacture it, whether wood, glass or plastic, will bring style and warmth to your corners.
  • You can also choose simple elements such as candle holders or pots with artificial plants, of which we recommend the simple and minimalist style as the dry ones, leafless plants.

The final goal of these decorations is to make the corner disappear and add more spaciousness and warmth to the room.


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