Yoram Yasur Yazbek: What to do with used clothes?

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: What to do with used clothes?

Fashion and consumerism, sometimes, catch us and push us to buy things we really don’t need. The consequence of this is that we end up having a closet full of clothing, of which many of us do not wear. In the moment in which we do not have space for anything else and the accumulation of clothes makes the wardrobe always messy, we consider what to do with the used clothes. Here are some ideas that will help you a lot.

What to do with used clothes that you no longer wear

As much as you like a garment, if you haven’t used it for more than a year, you will not wear it anymore, assume it! and stop accumulating things in your wardrobe. Also, when the sales and / or the new season arrive, you are sure to shop around and buy something new. There are several options for things you can do with your used clothes. Take pencil and paper and write the ones you like best.

– Sell it

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: On the internet there are several second-hand portals where you can put your clothes for sale. Some platforms give you the possibility that you create your own profile to your liking. The more visits and transactions you receive, the better positioned you will be. In this way, you will get a return on those clothes that are dead laughing in the closet.

But not only the network offers you this option. You can also go to second-hand physical stores and / or vintage markets. There you will be able to sell the garments that you no longer wear and thus obtain extra money.

– Barter

If we tell you that, likewise, you have the possibility to resell your clothes you may think that is what we have explained in the previous point. But no. Many locations have already joined the barter fashion. As it was once, you give the clothes and receive something in return.

– Donate it

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: This is a very charitable option with which you will help those who need it most. In many cities there are containers where you can deposit clothes. However, if your population does not exist, you can take it to hospitals, NGOs or other non-profit institutions. Of course, make sure the clothes are in good condition. Another option is to give your clothes to an acquaintance that you know will serve.

– Create new clothes

Yoram Yasur Yazbek: If you are good at sewing, you can redesign your used clothes. On the one hand, you will wear exclusive and unique garments. On the other hand, you can be fashionable without spending a lot of money. At the same time, you will be fostering your creativity and, who knows, cutting and sewing may become one of your passions.

So you have some ideas, tacks, buttons, ties, lace or cut the sleeves of a garment are some of the changes that will give a special touch to your dress.

– Redeem it for vouchers

Due to climate change awareness, various textile establishments offer coupons or discount vouchers if you wear your used clothes there. When they collect the garments, they recycle them in a sustainable way to take care of the planet.

– Other utilities

In cases where the clothes are worn, a good alternative is to make rags to clean the house. You can also use them as a padding for cushions or cushions or to make fabric bags. In case you don’t have a bread bag, with used clothes you can also make one. Another option is to make a backpack with denim, for example.

Our advice is not to buy compulsively and get carried away by trends. Fashions come and go and they tell our parents. In his younger years, flared pants were fashionable and decades ago they came out again. So, take care of your clothes as much as possible and wear the clothes that fit you well and with which you feel comfortable, not those in the shop windows.


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